Trail FX Headache Rack

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Black Headache Racks System by TrailFX®. There are many reasons to fit a TrailFX headache rack to your truck. It offers protection from the sun and from loads protruding the rear window on sudden stops. It provides an excellent top load carrier and great looks. The rack works with cross bed tool boxes. The TrailFX Automotive headache rack is a true utility item. It is quickly and easily installed, it is fully louvered to offer true sun protection while preserving rear visibility. Its top is made to carry loads and is equipped with built-in side stops. The rack also offers protection from load items that come flying on sudden stops. Don’t rely on the rack holding up if heavy items come loose, though. The louvers are better at stopping sun rays than at stopping lumber.

  • Features
  • Made from heavy duty carbon steel 2‚ÄùX1‚Äù square tubing
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durable high gloss black powder coat finish
  • Works with cross bed toolboxes
  • Fully louvered
  • 3-Year warranty